Break out of your trance and take action to make big changes.

At the start of my writing career, I spent more time worrying than writing. I would put out one low-quality article every little bit, but I spent most of my time reading other articles and wondering why publications wouldn’t accept my work.

None of the advice I read led me to being a top writer who puts out tons of content for big publications. That complete reversal of my writing fortunes came about because I made one big decision — stop worrying about tips and tricks and start doing.

This is not just a personal problem that I dealt with…

Enter the minds of people from the past — they can guide your future.

Life is too long of a road and too hard of a battle to go alone.

Friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and more can be there for you. They can provide love and support, but they can’t always give perfect advice.

That’s why reading is so important. It allows legends from the past to speak with you. They can enter your mind, change your perspective, and lead you down a new path.

Reading books takes time, but it is the best way to change your mind. Reading quotes is a way to distill some of that reading into your daily routine.

Readers don’t just want to learn, they want to feel

Too many writers complain that their work isn’t getting attention, even though their work is usually bland enough that they can’t even read it again.

Beginning writers aren’t the only ones plagued by chronic boring writing; in fact, most successful writers have to constantly reinvent themselves to keep their work interesting and engaging.

Readers simply don’t want to read a research paper — they had to see enough of those throughout middle school, high school, college, and beyond. People want to read content that strikes them, not just intellectual or helpful platitudes.

I’ve struggled with boring writing throughout my career…

Diversifying your writing portfolio might not be as great as it seems

Following the advice of successful writers can destroy your writing career.

Allow me to explain with an analogy. Success at writing is like scaling a cliff, but you need to use different strategies to scale different parts. Writers at the top of the cliff remember their own journey and share with other writers how they were able to succeed.

The problem is that most of this advice is about making the leap from good to great, not mediocre to good. The vast majority of writers stay stuck at the bottom of the cliff, struggling to even find a foothold. …

An in-depth look at the simplest way to sell online.

Ever since Shopify put out a story about a seventeen-year-old kid making over $13,000 a month, dropshipping has been receiving increasing attention and respect.

For those who don’t know, dropshipping is a new form of e-commerce where a business owner creates a website, sells products from a supplier, and the supplier ships the products to the customer.

People see the massive revenue that can be made in a short time, along with the ease of carrying no inventory, and they want to hop on the bandwagon as soon as possible.

I decided to investigate the dropshipping world to see whether…

The social genius behind a tech legend.

Elon Musk is revered for building rockets and electric cars, PayPal and SolarCity. He’s equally loved for his ability to engineer random ideas into new companies.

However, the most incredible thing about Elon is not his technological genius — it’s his ability to create loyal followers.

Elon pre-sold $10 million worth of flamethrowers to fund his drilling projects. He also got at least $10 million worth of deposits on new, unmade Teslas.

While other companies struggle to get funding at all, Elon Musk’s companies fight to build their spaceships or cars on the insane timeline’s set by their CEO. …

Why writing for your readers is often a dead-end road

Between the years of 161 and 180 A.D., Marcus Aurelius produced one of the most classic written works of all time: Meditations. Meditations is a favorite book of Bill Clinton and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, among others.

The most interesting thing about this book by Marcus Aurelius is that he didn’t intend for it to be published; it was literally his personal meditations.

It has been written that Marcus Aurelius was able “to write down what was in his heart just as it was, not obscured by any consciousness of the presence of listeners or any striving after…

Small changes don’t work because they require minimal effort. If you really want to change you life you need to commit to audacious goals.

One of the biggest trends to hit personal development in the last ten years is the idea of micro-habits.

These are small actions that you can perform every day and make yourself better a little bit at a time.

This trend has spread to all areas of life, as small habits are touted as the key to unlocking greatness in your life. James Clear has found that if you improve by one percent every day, you’ll be thirty-eight times better at the end of a year.

This idea is beautiful in theory (just do a little bit every day!), …

Simplify everything and live more freely

Life is a chaotic mess.

Every day you have thousands of things pulling on your mind, attention, focus, and beliefs. You can’t spend five minutes pondering without a notification turning you to your phone.

You can never have true peace or satisfaction if your life is so disorganized. This requires you to find priorities that you can focus all your time and attention on.

Ask most people and they will say things like health, personal development, family, friends, or a career as some of their most important priorities.

William Morris, an English designer, proposed two different priorities that apply to…

Do more with less by following Tebow’s footsteps.

In light of the recent Tim Tebow craze, a look back at Tebow’s life reveals a lot of lessons.

However, the glaring theme of the story is that some people with too little talent can achieve great things — and hard work isn’t the whole answer.

Yes, there’s the famous quote about “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”, but simply working hard won’t cut it if you can’t do other things to market yourself.

Essentially, that’s been Tim Tebow’s key to success throughout his life : he markets himself well and everyone knows him.

Here are a…

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